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03 Living Apart Together

Living Apart Together

Living Apart Together, Reinout van den Bergh (photography), Bas Vereecken (text) and Ton Homburg (design) made a photo documentary about a unique collaborative project between Benin, Bhutan, Costa Rica and the Netherlands. The contribution about the Netherlands was made in collaboration with the photographer Rocio Escobar and the journalist Mishelle Mitchell from Costa Rica.

To protect the earth's ecosystem, countries must increasingly work together on the basis of a solidarity that crosses national boundaries. This book shows what such an intensive form of cooperation means for the protection of the environment and the development of the political and cultural climate. But also what questions the intended joining of forces in the countries will raise.

The four countries, each with deep-rooted historical and cultural traditions, want to break with past mistakes. Living Apart Together is about millions of people who, each in their own way, seek solutions to everyday problems. Thanks to advanced technology, an increasing speed of communication, trade flows and the existence of a global marketplace, these people have much more to do with each other than in the past. That's why they have something in common: they recognize that global cooperation and respect for each other's point of view are necessary to secure the future of future generations.


Living Apart Together

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Year: 1997
Publisher: De Geus