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04 With Different Eyes

With Different Eyes

With Different Eyes, multi-media project for the promotion of fifty years of Dutch development co-operation.
 Met Andere Ogen (From a different perspective) was part of a campaign of the Ministry of Development Co-operation to commemorate 50 years of Dutch support to developing countries. The project Met Andere Ogen focussed on secondary school youth to increase their interest and knowledge on development co-operation. I was involved in design and implementation of the transformation of a city bus in a billboard and cinema setting. The bus was an entry point for awareness raising and connecting.

The video film that I produced was exposed on a video wall in the bus, on 2x8 TV screens. The film shows daily life through the eyes of youth in both Mali and Bangladesh. A rapper from Mali, Alfa, and a Bengali dancer, Mimi, show that there a more similarities with Dutch age mates, then you would imagine. The film touches on themes like water, education and health.

The bus toured for 2 years and a half, visiting schools and festivals in both The Netherlands and Belgium Created by Reinout van den Bergh en Erik van de Belt.

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